01. What is Self-Storage and how does it work?

Self-storage is the rental of an enclosed box, space or storage unit of various sizes. The box is essentially yours and you secure it with your own lock and key. You store your items in a self-service fashion, whether it is your personal belongings or those of your company during the period you choose to rent it.

You also have the exclusive use of your rented box. The storage unit has a fixed place and the contents in the unit cannot be moved without your agreement. Only you have access to the items inside.

You are also able to use your space without restrictions or costs during the agreed schedule as many times as you want. You can enter and leave or take away your belongings as you please. You are also provided with a contract that specifies the terms of the rental.

02. What is the difference between Self-Storage and furniture repository? 

The furniture repository is a storage service in the form of a deposit entrusted to foreign professionals. Whereby self-storage is a real estate service that allows you to store your things in self-service.

The furniture repository offers a basic security. Self-storage offers a high end and sophisticated security, with digital connected cameras online, alarms, and controlled access for only the renters of the boxes, etc.

The furniture repository is usually located in a distant and industrial place and limits itself very much to the storage of furniture, with the possibility of an exceptional access with appointment previous and with an important cost. The self-storage is centrally located to businesses and residential customers and allows you to keep a much broader list of belongings, with an access without restrictions or costs of any type during the agreed schedule.

In the furniture repository the belongings are stored in a few containers with a standard measurement that are moved every day as the needs of space arise and without notice to the user, with the risk of causing damages to the goods. The self-storage offers a very wide variety of sizes and the spaces do not move. They are fixed in and enlosed in one location.

In a furniture repository the personnel and the machinery are essential to gain access to your belongings. With self-storage you can access your box by yourself and when you want during business hours. Punta Box also puts at your disposal carts to facilitate the transport of your belongings between your vehicle and your rented space.

The furniture repository offers a few periods for its customers and is not flexible like Punta Box, where the rent allows access everyday except Sundays with flexibility.

03. Do I have to sign a contract to rent my space?

Yes. You have to sign a standard self-storage contract.

04. Do I have to sign a contract for deposit of goods?

No. You keep your things in your space, to which you have an exclusive access with your own key. Punta Box provides the facility with an outstanding security system so your items are safe. We also provide insurance for your own goods. With our contract of services, you do not have to entrust your things for deposit to Punta Box.

05. Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes. The deposit is one month’s rent, which we return at the end of the contract period. Any days you do not use after giving your one week notice we will refund you for those days.

06. What is the minimal time I can rent a space for?

The minimal time is two weeks.

07. For how long can I rent my storage unit?

You can rent your storage unit for as long as you want. You pay the rent every month, with a contract for a definite or indefinite period. We only ask for a 1 week notice . When the contract is finished we will reimburse you for the amount of the days not used during the last month.

08. Do I have to give notice when I leave?

We only ask for one week notice before leaving.

09. What are the business hours?

Monday to Friday : 9:00-18:00 hrs
Saturday : 9 – 14 hrs
Sunday : closed

10. When can I gain access to my space?

You can gain access to your space without costs during the agreed schedule, any time you want. We can also arrange special hours of operation under special circumstances.

11. Is there a cost for gaining access to my space?

There is no cost for gaining access to your space. You can gain access without restrictions or costs to your space during the agreed schedule, whenever you want.