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Personal Storage

Do you need to create a bit more space in your life?

Do you have items and furniture you have nowhere to store?

Are you concerned about leaving items in your vacant house?

Whether you are redecorating, renting your house, moving homes or need to free up space – Punta Box can help.

Our trained staff will estimate how much self storage space you will need, provide you with specialized packing materials and advise you so that you get the most from your self storage space.

Here are a few reasons why people need personal storage:

  • To simply free up space in your home or apartment.
  • To store your furniture and personal items when you sell your home or move.
  • To help with space as your family expands.
  • To keep valuable and personal items secure while taking an extended holiday if you’re renting out your home while away.
  • To store seasonal items such as patio or beach furniture, clothes, recreational vehicles if you don’t have a dry place or space to keep them at home.
  • To store sports equipment (surfboards, kite and windsurfing, etc…) either on a seasonal or permanent basis.
  • The free up space for a home office.
  • Do not disturb your family or friends with your personal items.